Saturday, September 23, 2017


Nick Bertossi

A resident of Vancouver Canada, Nick Bertossi’s work as a producer and DJ has brought him all over North America and into Mexico and Brazil. He currently holds 3 club residencies in Vancouver and plays occasionally at an additional 2 venues in the city. He has played nearly every major Canadian city’s pride festival and has done events in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago, Toronto, Seattle, Atlanta, Montreal, Florianopolis, Guadalajara, Mexico City and Honolulu to name a few. On top of DJing, Nick is an avid producer with many releases on Kult Records, Jungle Funk Records and various others

Alex Acosta

DJ and Producer Alex Acosta has taken over the world with his fresh, upbeat and very energetic sound, playing at the hottest Music Festivals and Clubs around the globe. On top of that, he is a chart-topping producer, whose work is supported by several DJs and thousands of Fans worldwide. Alex Acosta has become one of the most important Latin American DJs. With over 20 years in the DJ Industry he has played at the hottest clubs and music festivals around the world. Mexico City, Playa del Carmen, New York, Miami, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco, São Paulo, Madrid, Barcelona, Mykonos, Taipei, Tokyo, Shanghai, Bangkok, Seoul are some of the cities he has played.

Ralphi Rosario

Because of his love for music and his need to share it with others, Ralphi Rosario began spinning records at many clubs/events during the late ‘80’s. Almost a quarter of a century later, he still spins for massive events around the globe in such countries as Spain, Canada, Brazil, Portugal, Canada, and others. His brand as a DJ for the dance floor is undeniable. Shortly after his start as a DJ, Ralphi created dance/house music history as a member of the world renowned Chicago HOT MIX FIVE. The HOT MIX FIVE has received legendary status, worldwide. Radio Station WBMX was on its way to giving birth to the House music pioneers. Ralphi Became one of them. Add to this his original production work and remixing talents and the music industry had a recipe for a legend in the making. To this day, he maintains a DJ residency in his hometown Chicago.

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