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Q) How do I get to the event?

A) There are a number of ways a guest can get themselves to the event on Treasure Island:
a. FREE Shuttle/Bus Service: We highly encourage guests to use the official shuttle service we have made available to them. This shuttle service is complimentary, and included in the price of your ticket. We have partnered with Bauer Transportation, the leader in moving high volumes of people to events in the Bay area.
b. Private Car: For those guests who choose to drive to the event, we have an official valet service available to them. This service is complimentary, and included in the purchase price of your ticket. Please follow signage and event staff to the official valet stand, upon arriving.
c. Taxi/Car Service: For those guests that will be using a taxi or car service [Lyft, Uber, Homobiles, etc.] there is a designated taxi stall only yards from the event entrance.
d. Public Transit: MUNI operates a signal bus line [108 – Treasure Island] to the Treasure Island from mainland San Francisco. There is in fact a stop for this line only yards from the event venue [TREASURE ISLAND RD/GUARD STATION] A schedule for this line can be found online here: Note that the frequency of service on weekends is much different than the normal schedule.

Q) Where does the shuttle pick me up and drop me off?

A) The shuttles have three designated stops in San Francisco, both for the pick-up and return trips later in the night at the end of the event. These shuttles will each be stopping at one specific stop (See locations below), and dropping people off at one specific stop. It is not a circuit of three stops, so please pay attention to which shuttle you are boarding at the end of the event. The shuttle driver will not accommodate your request to stop anywhere that is not a designated event shuttle stop.

The event Pick-Up stops are at the beginning of the event are at:
a. Mezzanine [Jessie Street, SoMa] b. The SF Eagle [12th & Harrison Streets, SoMa] c. The Lookout [Noe & 16th Streets, The Castro]

The Drop-Off stops at the end of event will be at:
a. Aftershock Dance Event [715 Harrison St. SoMa] b. Market & Powell Streets [Downtown SF] c. The Lookout [Noe and 16th Streets, The Castro]

Q) Where do I check in/enter the event?

A) Depending on your mode of transportation, there are two different ways you will be checked-in for the event. All guests using the shuttle service will be checked into the event when they board their shuttle in San Francisco – their entry into the event on the island will be expedited, with no need to be checked in again. One of the two entrance kiosks at the event will be dedicated to guests arriving by shuttle. For all guests using other modes of transportation, (private car, taxi/car service, or public transit,) there is another event entrance kiosk where they will be checked in. Please follow signage and listen to event staff, who will guide you to your appropriate entrance kiosk. (IMPORANT: If you purchased a paper ticket, you MUST have on you to enter. NO Paper Ticket-NO ENTRY. PLEASE don’t LOSE your ticket!)

Q) What do I need to get onto the shuttle?

A) You need a valid photo ID proving your legal name, age and appearance. You will also need proof of ticket purchase on either EventBrite [paper or smartphone scan] or a physical, retail-purchased ticket. No individual guest without these two items will be allowed onto the shuttles to Treasure Island, no exceptions. No guests arriving to the event by private car or taxi/car service will be allowed into the event without these two items, with no exceptions. If you’re traveling from abroad, your passport will work. Your countries valid I.D. would work as well.

Q) Can I purchase a ticket on the shuttle bus or at the shuttle stop?

A) You will not be able to purchase an event ticket at the shuttle bus stops or on the shuttle buses. The shuttles are for guests who’ve already made their event ticket purchase. All day-of-event/at-the-door sales will be at The Falcon Studios Group VIP Party at Mezzanine, [Jessie Street, SoMa]. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Q) I forgot my ID – can I still get into the event?

A) If you do not have a valid photo ID proving your name, age, and appearance, you will not be allowed into the event, or onto the shuttle buses to the island. There are no exceptions to this rule. (BRING VALID I.D.)

Q) I lost my printed ticket that I purchased online. Can I still enter the event

A) If you purchased an event ticket through EventBrite, either in advance or on the day of the event at Mezzanine, you will be in the EventBrite system. If you bring a valid photo ID with you, we will be able to cross check you on the system and check you in. In other words, an EventBrite ticket cannot be “lost.”

Q) I lost my retail-purchased ticket. Can I still get into the event?

A) If you’ve lost your physical, retail-purchased ticket, there is nothing we can do. You must purchase another ticket to enter the event. This is why it is wise to purchase your ticket through EventBrite, so there is always a record of a ticket connected to your name. Again, an EventBrite ticket cannot be “lost.”

Q) I bought my friend’s ticket online (so tickets are in my name) but he’s not coming until later. Can he still get in when he arrives?

A) Since your extra EventBrite tickets are not connected to any specific person’s name except yours, we have no way we can determine who those extra tickets are meant for. If you print in advance all your EventBrite tickets and pass them out to your friends, then they will be allowed into the event whenever they want to arrive, regardless of your presence. If you do not print out your EventBrite tickets in advance, your friends who will attend the event using your extra tickets must be present with you when you are checking in. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Q) Where can I park if I drive myself to the island?

A) All guests driving their private vehicles to the island will be using our valet service. This service is free and included in your ticket purchase, though you are free to tip your personal valet. We highly encourage you to use the free shuttle service to the island, but understand that many individuals want to personally drive themselves. The complimentary valet service is meant to accommodate this wish. Please do not drive to other parts of Treasure Island to find your own parking. We do not have our security personnel covering these out-of-bound areas, and we cannot guarantee your personal safety or the security of your car. The areas outside of our event area are quiet, dark, and not easy to navigate at night.

Q) I’m a sponsored, event performer or guest to this event. Where do I check-in/enter the event?

A) If you are an official sponsor, event performer or guest to the event, you will be entered into the EventBrite system, (though in your case, for free,) like any other guest. In some rare cases, your name will be on a “hard copy” list at the entrance. YOU will know if your name exists on this list. When you arrive on Treasure Island, please proceed to the event entrance kiosk designated for your mode of transportation to the event. (Shuttle or private car/taxi/car service/MUNI.) Please do not expect a separate entrance to the party for yourself. All guests are treated with equal respect and accommodation once they arrive to the event. There are no exclusive lines or event spaces.

Q) Do I need to be 21 years old to attend?

A) Being a 21+ party, you do indeed have to be 21 years or over to enter Magnitude.

Q) Who are your DJ’s

A) International DJ’s Tom Stephan (London) and Tony Moran (NYC)

Q) Who is your DJ at the outdoor chill-space?

A)Local SF favorite DJ Bugie, will be spinning slower sexy beats while you enjoy a full service bar and the spectacular views of San Francisco. Plenty of outdoor heaters to keep you comfortable.

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