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Main Gates
We encourage you to enter at our Howard gates. In particular, we have plenty of volunteers and The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence ready to welcome you at Howard and 9TH, Howard and 10TH or Howard and 11TH. Those are the fastest and easiest gates from which to enter. Or, try any of our Harrison Street gates.

Sunscreen and Medical Attention
The forecast for Sunday is sunny and hot! We offer free sunscreen on the north side of Folsom Street between Dore and 10TH Streets. Donations are accepted and appreciated. If you or a friend needs medical attention, look for Security and ask for help. They can get you to medical assistance much faster than 911. We have a full medical team and ambulances on site.

There will be bag checks at our gates. We ask that you not bring glass bottles, cans or weapons of any kind into the fair. Please account for a slightly slower-than-normal entry into our fair as we help to ensure a safer event. We encourage you to bring as little as possible. Additionally, if you see something, say something! We have plenty of volunteer Security roaming the fairgrounds; just look for the orange vests for assistance.

Nudity and Coat/Clothes Check
Nudity is still legal within the fairgrounds, but ONLY within the fairgrounds. Please come dressed, and if you’d like to check any of your clothes, you can do so at either of our two coat checks (one on 10TH Street north of Folsom and one on 12TH Street south of Folsom). Please be sure to pick up your items by 6:00pm when the fair shuts down completely!

We encourage you to take public transportation including Muni and/or BART or maybe even walk or bike. Please do not drive, if you can help it. There is a lot of traffic around the fairgrounds with very few places to park. Alternatively, we have two taxi stands at 8th and Folsom as well as two Homobiles stands (Howard at 10th, Harrison at 12), and a Lyft pick up and drop off zone on 12th at Howard. Under no circumstances should you drink and drive. We have a bicycle check on 12th Street south of Folsom, thanks to the SF Bicycle Coalition.

Water Bottles
With the new plastic water bottle ban in effect, we encourage you to bring a durable/reusable water bottle. We have special WATER ONLY lines at each of our beverage booths so you can fill up quickly and cheaply.

Know where to go
Check out this easy-to-use fair map for the locations of major features of the fair. We also have a handy entertainment line up roster here.

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