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World’s largest leather and fetish events to go virtual in 2020

Our board of directors and staff feel that it is the best for the health and safety of our community to cancel in-person events in 2020. Please keep your calendars marked for Up Your Alley weekend, July 26, 2020, and Folsom Street Fair weekend, September 27, 2020 for our virtual fairs.

Please check back soon for information about how exhibitors can get involved with the 2020 virtual fairs!

Exhibitor FAQs

What is the process for applying for exhibitor booth space?
Once you submit your application, it will be processed within two weeks (payment pending). Applications will not be processed until payment is received either at the time of application submission via credit card or once a check is received in the mail. All payment must be received within 7 business days or the application will be deleted.

Once payment is received and your application is processed, you will then receive a booth space acceptance email. If any documents (insurance certificate, CA sellers/resale permit, etc.) are not received with the initial application they can be submitted to exhibitors@folsomstreetevents.org at any time.

Booth space assignments will be sent out on the second Friday of the month of each fair. If you have a preference of where your booth space is, please leave a note in the “booth details” section.

What can and can’t I do with booth space?
Folsom Street Events loves a creative booth! We want to make your ideas work for our events. We do have some restrictions though:

• Folsom Street Events does not permit generators and amplified sound equipment, including but not limited to stereos, loudspeakers, and bullhorns.
• Folsom Street Events does not permit nor provide electricity. If you need power for your booth space, we recommend purchasing a large battery generator from somewhere like Amazon or REI (REI has a liberal return policy that allows for most products to be returned for refund even after they’ve been used). All other types of generators are strictly prohibited.
• Exhibitor shall not bring ATMs on site but may use hand-held credit card machines that function on cell phone technology. FSE has no control over cellular service on the fairgrounds because of the mass amount of attendees, cellular service may not be available at times.
• Exhibitors that either sublet space(s) or shared their registered space(s) with exhibitors that were not registered are not permitted. When signing the application, Exhibitor agrees that, there is only to be one exhibitor in your respective booth space(s) and if there are any future issues with this policy your application for future exhibiting will not be accepted. If this happens during the fair, the violating exhibitor’s booth(s) can be subject to closure during the event.
• Exhibitor shall not sell or give away or otherwise distribute any product, food, drink or other item that is not specified in the Exhibitor’s application.
• Exhibitor will follow all city, state and federal laws.

Exhibitor booth use and application acceptance is at the discretion of Folsom Street Events.

Are structures (tents), tables and chairs available for rental?
Yes! Folsom Street Events does have booth structures for rental. The structures are wooden, have sun covers, and have counters. You can view a photo of what the rented structures look like here. Only reserve structures through Folsom Street Events. We have tables and chairs available for rental as well. You can place your order and pay within this application in the “booth details” section.

What category does my booth space fit into?
If you are wanting to apply for a booth and you don’t know what category you fit into, don’t fret! Just email exhibitors@folsomstreetevents.org with a summary of what you are wanting to use the booth space for and we will work with you to figure out what category is best. Note that categories are just for pricing. We don’t not plot exhibitors by vendor category type.

What documents are needed to be an exhibitor?
– Insurance
– CA Sellers/Resale Permit
– 501c(3) Tax Exempt Status documentation

Insurance for Up Your Alley can be purchased here for $65.
Insurance for Folsom Street Fair can be purchased here for $65.

If you plan on providing insurance from your own provider, the certificate of liability needs to have:
– $1,000,000 coverage rider
– Folsom Street Events listed additionally insured with our current address (293 8th Street. San Francisco, CA 94103)
– The date and name of the event also needs to be listed somewhere on the document.

Any Exhibitor who is selling any product must provide a current and valid California Sellers/Resale permit. If you do not have one, you can obtain one through the
California Board of Equalization’s website. They offer various permit options, including temporary permits for out of state Exhibitors. We will not accept permits from other states.

If you are a non-profit that has not exhibited with us before, please include any document that demonstrates your tax exempt status. If you have exhibited with us before, you do not need to submit tax exempt status documentation

2019 Accepted Folsom Street Fair Exhibitors

Fort Troff
Bad Dragon
Mr. S Leather
SF Eagle
Orchid and Serpent
Alto Pharmacy
Double Scorpio
Society of Janus
The Fight Magazine

Folsom Street Events Merch/Party Tickets/Information
Official Bootblack Stands

AHHA Study
Bare Chest Calendar 
Bay Area Intactivists
Bay Area Open Minds
Bearback Gear
Bitches Love Leather
Bob of Scotland Studio
Boy Butter
CA LGBTQ HHS Network, a program of Health Access Foundation
The Candle Code 
Chainz N Thingz
Chi Stylezs 
Clack That Fan
CSU East Bay
Deki Jewels
Devil Mask Society
Edgeplay Gear
Eternal Mode
The Exiles
Fae Built Inc
Fantasy Makers Group
Five and Diamond
The Frugal Domme
Geeky and Kinky
Glide Health Services Foundation
The Group in Fresno
Handmade’n Leather
Harnesses by Emma Alamo
House of Black Dragon
Jeff Semmerling’s Art Side Out Studio & MASK SHOP
Johnny Martinez Leather
Kenny KG
The Kink Shop
Laced Up Corsets
Latino Wellness Center – IFR, MNHC
Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District
The Leather Boy
Liquid Nymph
Loud and Queer
Marquis Leo Collection, Artist Marquis Leo
Ma’s Trading Co.
Mischief Masks
Mr. Friendly
Naughty Wine Accessories
Nicolas Gonzalez-Medina
Off Kilter Kilts
Oso Apparel
PantherProwls Enterprises
Planned Parenthood Northern California
Possessed Fetishwear
Rebirth Garments
Recycled AIDS Medicine Program
Riders Recycle
Robert Paul Cohen Photography
San Francisco AIDS Foundation
SF Citadel
San Francisco Community Health Center 
San Francisco Department of Public Health
San Francisco K9 Unit
San Francisco Suicide Prevention
San Francisco VA Health Care System
The Satanic Temple – Santa Cruz Chapter
Sheets of San Francisco 
The Stockroom
Sublime Designs 
Sunglasses Collection LLC
Tribal Son Inc. 
Txutxo Perez Art
Tykables LLC
UCSF Alliance Health Project
Uniglitter LLC
Wandering Hearth
Wear It Clothing
Wicked Grounds


Food Vendors

Aroma Concessions, Inc.
Carmen’s Taqueria
Cee’s Fried Chicken
Delicious Foods
Hawaii BBQ
Mi Granny’s Kitchen
San Francisco BBQ
Sneaky’s BBQ

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