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Folsom Street Events raises funds to support Bay Area-based and national charities. In 2018, we donated over $250,000 to San Francisco-based, local, and national charities. Since Folsom Street Events first began, the organization has donated almost $7 million.

FSE maintains several grant-making categories: Major Beneficiary, Supporting Beneficiary, and Beverage Partner.

The Beverage Partners, through the operation of a beverage booth or water station, earn a disbursement from FSE to support their work in areas such as Public Health, Human Services, The Arts, Social Justice, LGBTQ+ Interests Groups, as well as Leather and Fetish Organizations. Each Beverage Partner is selected because of the values they promote and the positive impact they make in our SF Bay Area communities, and we at FSE are proud to partner with them.

To apply to be a Beverage Partner you must be a 501(c)3 organization. We encourage all interested and eligible organizations to submit a Beverage Partner application for Up Your Alley and/or Folsom Street Fair. Please note that there are 2 separate Beverage Partner applications—one for each fair. You do not need to be invited to apply.

The primary responsibility of each Beverage Partner is to provide volunteers to staff and manage either a beverage booth (Beer, Liquor, or Juice) or water station(s) throughout the fair day. In return, the Beverage Partner will receive funding for an approved purpose, as described in the application.

Timeline for the online Beverage Partner applications:

Up Your Alley (UYA):
– Application is posted April 15.
– Application is due no later than Friday, May 31.
– Determination letters are sent out early June
– Selected applicants for UYA attend Beverage Captain Meeting at the FSE office, Wednesday, June 12.
– Free, ABC Certification session held on Thursday, July 18 (tentative).
– UYA is Sunday, July 28.


Folsom Street Fair (FSF):
– Application is posted April 15.
– Application is due no later than Friday, July 26
– Determination letters are sent out early August
– All selected applicants for FSF attend Beverage Captain Meeting at the FSE Office, Wednesday, August 21
– Free, ABC Certification sessions held on Thursday, September 19 (tentative) and Saturday, September 21 (tentative).
– FSF is Sunday, September 29.

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