About Folsom Street Events

The mission of Folsom Street Events is to create world-class leather and fetish events that unite the adult alternative lifestyle communities with safe venues for self-expression and exciting entertainment. Our events raise funds to sustain SF Bay Area-based and national charities. We value sexual freedom, diversity, and volunteerism. All of our events are adult-oriented, sex-positive fetish events.

Folsom Street Fair is the world’s largest leather and fetish event and in 2017, over 250,000 people attended the fair, making it possible for Folsom Street Events to return $322,484 to local and national charities. FSE has donated over $6 million since its inception.


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Fair Locations

Folsom Street Fair Grounds

Up Your Alley

Folsom Street Events Board and Staff

Edwin Morales – President
Jennifer Schuster – Secretary/Volunteers
Paul Hendry – Treasurer/Treasury
Chris Turner – Secretary/Medical
Katie (Red) Averiuette – Gates and Signage
Andrew Caldwell – Parties
Tadhg Coffey – Beverages
Felipe Flores – Volunteers
Billy Lemon – Security
Bacilio Mendez – Security
Nicholas Moore – Operations
Simon Palczynski – Entertainment
Alissa de Vogel – Treasury
Zac Wilkins – Hospitality

Patrick Finger – Executive Director
Casey McManis – Programs Manager
Vicente Montoya – Programs Manager

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