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2014 Exhibitor Information

2014 Up Your Alley and Folsom Street Fair Exhibitor Space

Please note: Applications for exhibitor space, food vendors, and beverage partners will be available in April for our 2014 events.

Can I get a map of booth locations for last year's (2013) Folsom Street Fair?

Yes you can! For your reference we have a PDF map of the 2013 Folsom Street Fair (LAST YEAR) fairgrounds. This map has the location of all the booths along with who rented them at the time the map was made. This map is subject to last minute changes. A map of the 2014 Folsom Street Fair (THIS YEAR) will be available a few weeks before the fair.

2013 Folsom Street Fair Exhibitors

Here is an alphabetical listing of all the exhibitors and food vendors at the 2013 Folsom Street Fair. Use the Booth number to locate the exhibitor on the fairgrounds (see the PDF map above). The Organization name is linked to their website if provided.

Note: The information presented here is accurate as of September 23, 2013, but can change without notice.

Organization Type Booth   Email Contact Description
9x6 Lubes Sponsor E-923    
A+PI Wellness-Trans: Thrive Non-profit E-1021    
AEF / SOMA Bare Chest Calendar Non-profit E-904   Calendar
Ahhh Erotic Artist Expression Artist E-760 Contact Via Email  
AIDS Healthcare Foundation Non-profit E-824    
AIR ONE, INC Business and Political E-738    
Andrew Yang Artist E-764 Contact Via Email  
Apualo Hart Artist E-766 Contact Via Email  
Aroma Catering Food Vendor F-774 Contact Via Email  
Atlas Chiropractic Business and Political E-1046    
Aunt Betty's Corn Dogs Food Vendor F-952 Contact Via Email  
Bamboo Stick Food Vendor F-948 Contact Via Email  
Bay Area Intactivists Non-profit E-725    
Bay Area Open Minds Non-profit E-1044    
Big Gorilla Art Artist E-761 Contact Via Email  
Black Party Expo, The Business and Political E-936    
Buddys Workbench Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-833 Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-855   Leather and Fur, Crafts and Jewelry
Carmen's Taqueria Food Vendor F-950    
Carstache LLC Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-736    
Castro Country Club Non-profit E-708    
Center for Sex & Culture Non-profit E-815    
Cold Steel America Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-933   Body Piercing Jewelry Sponsor E-885   corsets, skirts, blouses, hats, floggers, jewelry
Crown Fellowship Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-1015   handcrafted jewelry
Dan Arcos Artist E-771 Contact Via Email  
Dark Garden Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-1017   Custom Made Corsets and erotic clothing
Deki Jewels Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-748 Contact Via Email  
Delicious Foods Food Vendor F-786 Contact Via Email  
Diego Gomez Artist E-768 Contact Via Email  
Divine Productions Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-1037    
Exiles, The Non-profit E-877    
Factory Video Productions Sponsor E-1009   gay adult videos
Fae Built Inc Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-852 Handcrafts and Fetishwear NONE    
Folsom Street Fair - Merchandise Folsom Street Events E-901    
Freedom In Christ Evangelical Church Non-profit E-726    
Friend Finder Network Sponsor E-927    
Frugal Domme, The Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-721   Floggers, Whips, Spanking Demos Adult Film Industry E-857    
GAYLESTA Non-profit E-836   LGBT Psychotherapy Network
Glide Health Services Non-profit E-744    
Gloss Magazine / Shamel Publications Sponsor NONE    
Golden Gate Wrestling Non-profit E-1055   Wrestling
HammerFell Armoury Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-830    
Handmade'n Leather Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-934   leather accessories Adult Film Industry E-747    
Hawaii BBQ Food Vendor F-784 Contact Via Email  
Industrial DisEase Toys Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-1038    
INTER VIEW SHOP INC Business and Political E-858    
Jewelry By Ponce Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-1048 Contact Via Email Jewelry
K-9 Unit of San Francisco Non-profit E-1051    
Kahn's Kustom Leather Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-710 Contact Via Email / Cybernet Entertainment Sponsor E-801    
Kink Shop, The Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-823    
Korean Bobcha Food Truck F-1075    
Korrupt Label Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-932    
Latch So & Hipp Chiropractic Business and Political E-712   Free Spinal Exams / Posture Analysis
Leather Masters Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-1043   Leather Clothing, BDSM Toys
Liquid Nymph Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-883    
Los Angeles Leather Coalition, Inc. Non-profit E-910    
Lust Designs Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-1034    
Mainstreet Food Concessions Food Vendor F-1063 Contact Via Email  
Man2Man Leather Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-832    
Michael Rosen Artist Artist E-759 Contact Via Email  
Mission Neighborhood Health Center Non-profit E-709    
Montanna Black Artist E-767 Contact Via Email  
Mr. S Leather Co., Inc. Sponsor E-753    
Mr Footlong's Gourmet Sausages Food Vendor F-778 Contact Via Email  
Ms. Martha's Corset Shoppe Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-865 Contact Via Email  
Naked Chorizo Food Truck F-1073    
Native American Health Center Non-profit E-862    
Official Bootblack Folsom Street Events BOOT Contact Via Email  
Off Ramp Leather Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-928    
Orchid and Serpent Sponsor E-907    
Panther Prowls Enterprises Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-841    
Patrick Lannan Artist Artist E-770 Contact Via Email  
PFLAG San Francisco Non-profit E-734    
Phenizee McElroy Artist E-765 Contact Via Email  
Pillow Book Productions Business and Political E-718    
Planned Parenthood Shasta Pacific Non-profit E-732 Adult Film Industry E-851    
Prizm Eyes Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-847    
Quan Yin Healing Arts Center Non-profit E-730   Free Massage & Accupuncture demo/information
Rainbows and Pride Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-714    
RECON Sponsor E-919 Contact Via Email  
Recycled AIDS Medicine Program Non-profit E-834    
Rubber Men of San Francisco Sponsor E-1036    
San Francisco BBQ Food Vendor F-782 Contact Via Email  
San Francisco Chronicle Business and Political E-737 Contact Via Email  
San Francisco Suicide Prevention Non-profit E-845    
Schatz / Ornstein Studio Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-739   fine art b/w photography
Sex and Metal Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-1033    
Sexual Health Innovations Non-profit E-707    
SF Citadel Non-profit E-881    
SFDPH STD Prevention & Control Non-profit E-846    
Sinthetics Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-903    
Skin on Skins Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-930    
smOdyssey, Inc Non-profit E-706    
So Cal Shibari Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-809 Contact Via Email  
Society of Janus Non-profit NONE   Information and Membership Recruitment
Stampede, The Business and Political NONE    
Steamworks Sponsor E-1003    
Steve MacIsaac Artist E-769 Contact Via Email  
Stockroom Inc. The Sponsor E-911    
StumpTown Kilts Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-716    
Suzanne Shifflett Artist E-762 Contact Via Email  
Sweet Delights Food Vendor F-942 Contact Via Email  
Tante's Food Vendor F-938    
Tashra Non-profit E-860    
TGIF: The Group In Fresno Non-profit E-711    
Thai Kebob BBQ Food Vendor F-776 Contact Via Email Thai BBQ and garlic dishes
Thai Stick BBQ Food Vendor F-1069 Contact Via Email  
TLS Leather Company Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-1018 Contact Via Email  
Todd Copper Artist E-772 Contact Via Email  
Tribal Son Inc. Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-909    
Tsering Jewelry Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-831 Contact Via Email  
UCSF Alliance Health Project Non-profit E-729   AIDS Testing
Utilikilts Company Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-829   hand-made kilts, belts, tshirts
Victor's Charms Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-705    
Vincent Iannone Artist E-763 Contact Via Email  
Voodoo Van Food Truck F-944    
WIAN Studios Handcrafts and Fetishwear E-864    
Woody Wagon Icy Treats Food Truck F-780    

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